Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)
has been preventable, reversible, even curable, since 1994.
I am living proof.

Scroll to the very bottom first, to see actual images of my heart’s arteries, taken on July 27, 2011. The attending cardiologist reported, “No obstructive disease.” His nurse leaned over my gurney and said, “I hope my arteries are as clean right now as yours.”
Then go back to the top of that page and view the progression of my coronary artery disease, including documented blockages up to 80 and 90 percent, leading to the insertion of three stents in 2003.
                   Those darn stents!
Not long ago, my heart doctor said, “If you did  not have those three stents in your heart, I would have you on no heart medications at all.” There is a 1 to 5 percent chance stents will unravel and cause a blood clot. 
View actual pages from my medical record here: 
DLeake CAD History 1989 to 2011
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